Fixed Match Betting – What Is It and How Can You Bet on It?

Watch for rapid changes in odds!

Pre-match and in-game odds can serve as a good indicator of whether a match is being fixed. It is generally accepted that the odds will decrease slightly if enough players are betting on a particular market. However, when the odds for any market change significantly in a very short time, it is an indication that a large amount of money has been invested in that particular market. While big bets on high-profile events aren't all that uncommon, they really raise a red flag when they're made in minor leagues and games. It can easily arrange second and third division matches, while other first division matches cannot be fixed.

Switching Players Before or During an Event.

Team-based sports try to start any game with their best people right away. A strong start often is a precursor for victory, but if a team comprised of reserve players enters a competition, there is a chance that something is fishy. In the sporting world, it’s common to see some MVP’s “sitting out a game,” especially if they are recovering from injury; however, we live in a world where if Ronaldo stubbed his toe, everyone would know until the end of the day. If there is no logical reason for a good player to be taken out of play for a particular sporting event, you might be looking at a fixed match.

Looking for Unfair Advantages.

Game fixing has reached even eSports, with widespread news about players throwing matches in high profile games. Detecting if a match is fixed in eSports can be extremely difficult, due to the incredibly dynamic nature of most computer games. In the “first-person shooter” games, there are cases where a player would use a special “cheat” that would give them superior aiming abilities. While cheating is being detected relatively easily, playing “less than your best” can be masked quite well.

Will it pay for us to buy your fixed matches?

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